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Easy Digital Download Plugin Sell Digital Products Online | UpTig

Easy Digital Download Plugin Sell Digital Products Online | UpTig

Easy Digital Download Plugin Sell Digital Products Online | UpTig

Hey everyone my name is Rainbow today I’m gonna be reviewing. The Easy Digital Download Plugin Sell Digital Products Online. What it is and how to use it now in this article. I’m just gonna kind of give you a quick rundown of this plugin I’ll actually be having a full tutorial on how to make this same exact digital download website.

The probably in a week from now so for those of you who want to learn how to build it I’ll be having a tutorial but let me just kind of give you a round down of it. And show you what it’s for so the EDD plug-in is for creating digital download products. So if you want to sell something like an e-book or a cooking recipe or some sort of instructions the EDD is probably your best solution in fact it is much better than will Commerce in regards to selling digital download or digital products.

So let’s say for instance you have a customer right and they’re at your site say hey I like this product I’m gonna go ahead and buy it and right here obviously it would be the price so right here I’ll click on free. And purchase and go to checkout now notice here how the checkout process is a little bit faster.

And automated so over here are the personal information unlike WooCommerce you don’t have to enter in your physical address you’ll have to enter in your other billing address it’s just straightforward like I just give us your email in your name. And then there you go and right here I’ll just click on free download now of course you can offer free downloads on your website.

Easy Digital Download Plugin Sell Digital Products Online

You can offer paid downloads on your website but I’m just using free just to give you an example of how it works and right here is the purchase confirmation page so here you can see people have the product they’ve purchased it’s right here is the actual product. And if they click on the actual product they can actually download it now I just did just a random image obviously so it’s just for install purposes obviously but you don’t want to insert your product in there and I’ll show you how to do that just two bits also what I like about it is that it has a very clean dashboard.

So right here you click on dashboard and the user can always log into their account see all their downloads download them anytime you want in fact you can even a restrict. The number of downloads if you want for your customers where they have a record of their purchase history. And they can always change their account information on it as well so I feel like the EDD plug-in is just a very it’s like all-in-one solution for digital downloads. Now let me just show you really quickly how to actually create a product or we call them downloads in the backend.

So unlike WooCommerce where it says product here we have downloaded and right here is basically all downloads or virtually all products. And here you can see a list of all of your products you can see the number of sales the amount of you made from it. And also the date you’ve published it here you can also have categories tags payment history.

Easy Digital Download Plugin Sell Digital Products Online and also all of your customers you can also make discount codes if you want you to know for your products here is your report. So this will basically show you how much money that you’re making on your websites right here you have settings.

So you can check out different payment gateways different emails styles taxes etc there is no shipping option because obviously, we’re not selling you’re not shipping anything. So that is basically you know just like a quick run out of it as well here you have tools that are more for developers. And then again we have extensions which I’ll talk more about a little bit later at the end of the article.

But it’s just going to make a new product let me just kind of show you the interface of it and just kind of explain to you how it works. So let’s make a let’s pick a download we’re gonna do oops I hate my mic let’s do uh I don’t know that ebook for cooking you know because a lot of girls can’t cook today you know it’s how it goes man some girls just can’t cook it’s said I’m just kidding alright I here I’ll put in like.

So if you want to just go ahead and offer one price you can do that now you can also have the variable option. So for instance right here you can say this right here is for just like cooking breakfast this right here is just for cooking lunch. And then this right here is cooking for dinner and then it would be like $10 $20 $30. So you want to have variable products on your website.

So the EDD plug-in can do that as well but I want to keep it simple ten bucks now we also have the option of default and bundle the difference is that default right here is just a simple product and bundle is basically adding in a lot of different products right here on your own you know as like you know like a bundle pack.

Easy Digital Download Plugin A Great Way To Sell Digital Products Online

So if you want to offer six different cooking books or something like that on your site you can do that as well I’m just gonna like default right now and then right here I’ll just put like paddywhack now file URL. So what are they going to be able to download once they actually purchase the actual product my best recommendation is whatever you do right here for the file add a zip folder because the zip folder is downloadable.

So a lot of these images right here you’ll have to put it in zip and then once they actually down they click on the icon it’ll download it as a zip folder and they can open it and download or you can give them whatever you want. So in regards to digital downloads it’s a pretty simple process here I’ll go ahead and just upload this file right here and also on the right side right here we have download limits so you can actually set the download limit.

And mount if you want to add that for your customers you don’t have to another cool option right here which usually you need a plug-in for mu commerce for is you can change it to by now or f2 cards I like by now. Because by now takes them directly to the checkout which is actually two plugins from WooCommerce. And this is just one and then also the Add to Cart which would have to be out two cards view the cards.

And the checkout so I think the Buy Now option is probably a little bit better here I’ll go ahead and select the download image so maybe what are we doing cooking here we go cooking we’ll set that right there download notes. So special notes or instructions for product and then you can set them to a category. And here I’ll click on publish all right now it’s view the download let’s take a look at it.

So ebook for cooking I mean here we have the image and then you have a description of it and then they can always click on buy to now or by now I think that the actual you know the actual user experience you can say is pretty simple with EDD. So again right here’s the product we can click on it I mean we don’t even have to check the description if they see it they like it they want it they buy it boom done you know there’s they’re out the door you know the object of these websites is to get them out the door as fast as you can you know.

So here I’ll click on buy now all right and then there you go it’s going to be ten dollars because I added a price. And it’ll prompt them to PayPal now there are extensions to not redirected to PayPal because let’s be honest you know we’re in 2019 you know no one does that anymore.

So if you want to go ahead and actually look at their extensions there is a link below to their websites I’ll put that in the description. And I’m gonna go ahead and talk about the extensions and then talk about the actual passes now by default the EDD plugin is free it’s a free plugin you can get it on it’s a free plug-in.

But if you want to add the extensions for like let me go ahead and go back here to the extensions there are two ways you can purchase them individually or you can purchase the pass which is what I recommend. Because it’s way cheaper and you get a lot more for your buck though let me go ahead.

And go over here to downloads and go to extensions. So on their website right here if you click on add-ons they have various add-ons right here they have stripe they have recurring payments all-access pass which is basically all the digital download extensions from that submission. So you can turn yourself into a multi-vendor website kinda like Envato markets software licensing.

Easy Digital Download Plugin Sell Digital Products Online

So if they’re selling WordPress themes this would be the best way to license its free downloads MailChimp checkout editor I mean you get it you’ve seen this probably before a lot of times but they have a lot of extensions I mean commissions for additional vendors they probably should have added that in the multi-vendor plug-in. But I guess they put it separately if they’re with us what they want to do now the one I personally recommend.

And I think that you will need is the extended pass. Because of the extended pass, you get the stripe and you get recurring and I think that’s probably the most important ones on the stripe period I’m sorry on yeah EDD period. So right here you get the actual you get you can see the actual plugins that you get. So you get the stripe the zapier the MailChimp the PayPal all you get they’re all axes I don’t know about that maybe that’s an I mean that’s a glitch or something free downloads recurring payments invoices cross-sell and upsell etc.

So and then the other ones you get a little bit limited now I don’t recommend this one right here the personal pass because you don’t get recurring. And I think for anyone selling digital products you want to kind of keep them on a recurring basis you want to keep them coming back. So you can charge them on a daily on monthly etcetera in fact the this one right here does even have the stripe integration.

So I don’t recommend it at all so in that work you can actually do the extended pass for $200 but you know if you want to go ahead. And purchasing these out of carts is a little bit more expensive. So for example right here just the stripe plugin loans gonna cost you $89 you know they have the extended pass which I believe you know I’ll learn more about that I think it’s like once you have the pass it’s you can actually label other products cheaper I believe that’s what it is it’s like dynamic pricing almost.

Easy Digital Download Plugin Sell Digital Products Online

But right here you can kind of see it cost $89 so it’s like if you get that and one of their plug-ins you already qualify to get 15 other plugins. So in that regard, I’m thinking to myself I’d probably go ahead. And get the extended pass so you know with those add-ons right there you can probably make a fully functional you know digital download service now what can you sell well that’s really up to you you know that’s really your business you can sell pretty much anything you want you to know.

And the great part about digital products is that they self replicate there’s no shipping there’s no inventory there’s no SCU’s there’s just you get them out there. And then people buy them you know so in that regard I think EDD is probably your best solution for selling digital products on your websites.

So if you have any questions about EDD feel free to let me know in the comments below I will be having a full tutorial on the EDD plug-in and some of the extensions in the description below. And probably a week from now we’re actually gonna be using a free theme so you know all you obviously need to do is pay for hosting we’re gonna be using the free theme we’ll be using a free version of EDD I will be showing how to use just the recurring.

And stripe because I think that’s probably the most common. And probably the most important right because you want to get paid you know so make sure to LIKE this article if you have any questions feel free to me. And I will see you.

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Easy Digital Download Plugin A Great Way To Sell Digital Products Online



Best WordPress BuddyPress Plugin Review | UpTig

Best WordPress BuddyPress Plugin Review | UpTig

Best WordPress BuddyPress Plugin Review | UpTig

You ever thought that BuddyPress was a great plugin functionality-wise. But it lacks in display in design then this sponsored tutorial is for you today we’re looking at the user which is a code Canyon plugin Best WordPress BuddyPress Plugin. it is awesome it levels up.

The design of WordPress to levels that are unheard of and you’ll see in this article how to set up some of the profile features. And I’ll walk you through a lot of different design options that you have available. And I think you’ll be impressed and we’re getting started right now.

I have tutorials for that I’ve linked to in the description down below. If you want to see those what we’re gonna do is take an existing buddy press website after you follow this tutorial you’ll have one and we’re gonna level it up appearance-wise the functionality buddy press is solid.

Best WordPress BuddyPress Plugin But the appearance is not so this is a default buddy press profile we have a cover image we have our avatar here we have the information down below where there isn’t a whole lot going on at the moment we’re gonna see some examples later on where there is a lot going on you could see how it looks with a new plugin I’m describing you know it looks.

It’s clean but it’s nothing ride home about it’s it’s definitely not beautiful if you go to the activity page which is a list of all the activity all the public messages on. The site that is happening this is how that looks. And the member’s page listing of all the members and it looks okay it looks.

It’s functional the functionality is great but the look is to level up the look you need this app for this sorry this plug-in called user it changes the appearance of BuddyPress to be amazing about basically. I don’t know what else to describe it as this is a profile page so we saw my profile page a moment ago and this is different header styles there are 14 different hairstyles built into the plugin for the profile pages.

And this is all created using user so if we just click into here just to see what this profile page looks like. So up at the top is this is a bit of a sales message here. So the profile starts here essentially. So we have this widget showing the profile owner and all the information all the tabs that we saw earlier ditional tabs and it just looks the whole profile itself looks way better we’re gonna create something like this on the site in just a moment I just want to show you what we’re going to work towards.

Best WordPress BuddyPress Plugin Review

So this is the one we’re working towards or something similar and this is what we’re starting with its night. This is a beautiful website this is one I’m gonna click back on I don’t want to see this one I don’t want to see it frankly and this one is gorgeous. So let’s actually do something with this plugin is on code Canyon it’s not free it’s $39 but if you have a BuddyPress website the this is the amount of engagement you’ll get just by levelling up your design is gonna pay for the 39 over. And over and over so I already have this installed on the site.

If I go into the admin area and I go to plugins and add new this is where you would add it to your download you could buy it off coke Canyon you download the plug-in go to upload plugin you’d find the zipped file on your hard drive and just click on install now then click on activate to activate it and then you’ll have it in the list of your installed plugins. And it is right here so I’m just gonna activate that and now when I head back out to the main site and I go to my profile I add a little bit of information to it beforehand.

But we see even just the header area these are things we have we have the avatar picture we had this cover image it looks way better. And it has a tally of the number of posts we have comments and views and then we have our avatar on the right-hand side I’m going to show you how to add all these widgets in just a minute but this is with a few minutes of work I created this as a user on the site you as the site owner all you really have to do is activate the plugin.

And then the users can go in and customize all these things all they have to do they go into their drop-down here and they choose any one of these to start customizing so if we go to profile settings.

And this is the page we start on when we edit our profile view profile goes back to the profile let’s click on profile settings and here we can to our name. So I’m just going to enter my name then click on Save Changes. Buddypress settings are those other tutorials that I spoke about.

So that’s the profile settings page in the account settings I will turn off these two notification settings where you basically emailed in response to activities on the site when you’re mentioned or when someone replies to your message. The widget settings that’s where we actually start filling out the content of our page and there are all these widgets down below about my skills portfolio slideshow services project that the devil going with the role.

So we upload an image just click the upload find an image on your hard drive and it goes in there your name description and your biography fill those things out maybe not you but maybe the users on your site will fill those out and click Save Changes.

Best WordPress BuddyPress Plugin

Best WordPress BuddyPress Plugin And then that’ll be on the profile on the skills tab they can easily add these skills click on add new skill. Add new in this case add a new photo you add a title you add a link and that’s your profile just gonna remove that I still have these three that I created earlier and they don’t link anywhere.

I have a hashtag for the actual link slideshow on the slideshow you want to add a new slide you just click on add new slide there’s only three allowed. That’s something we can change in the settings of the plugin you don’t want people coming onto your site and adding a slideshow of a million pictures that’s gonna kill your bandwidth so three is that’s your pretty good limit so all you do is you click on add new slide then upload a photo Save Changes.

And you have slide services same ideas the others add new service give it an icon thunderbolt let’s call this I don’t know speed up your site service it’s a good one speed up your site good probably a better description for your services or you’re the people on your site before.

Best WordPress BuddyPress Plugin Review

I want to use a better one but that one will have to do under project this is where you add a project something you might be working on currently something he recently finished being said as a future project or a recent project you give it a title upload an image give it a link give it a description you can add categories and tags for the project these are your custom taxonomy x’s that the administration will be able to see in the backend.

But the users can just add these on the front-end and they never go into the backend this is literally where they’re editing their page and their profile so they never actually go into the backend of the sites all on the front-end after you’ve added a project you got a quote and give.

It is a background image which I’ve done and you upload an image once you if you uncheck this you don’t upload an image. But you use the background if you want to use it the uploaded image here you add your quote there are so many great quotes as I’m writing us I can’t remember a single one which was true as I wrote that I couldn’t think of a good quote.

And then you have your quote want to add some links that are no problem at a link to my main website just by using those fields and video here added the full-body press tutorial as an article on the profile just for fun and you can add URLs from a bunch of different websites you can’t upload a video to this site but you can add URLs from other websites and those sites include YouTube Vimeo Facebook Flickr Hulu Instagram Animoto Dailymotion education spread the video. The Internet Archive TED talks twitch. tv and on and on not on there’s four more.

And you can see a full list here as this list is updated which would probably be in the future you can see a full list by clicking on this link and when you add this video link which we’re going to go back to the profile in just a minute after we’ve gone through creating these you will see what the result is on the profile page.

But there’ll be a video there that’s playable and watchable by visitors to that profile and then the posts which you would have if you allow people to create posts on the site this is not a member activity post is not like a conversation with a different member or messaging this is an actual post created in WordPress.

So your people may not have access to this because they might build a crate post but if they can create posts they can choose the posts that they have created only post on the sites hello world that’s the one this person has created. And then Flickr you can add images from Flickr integrated directly with the user ID or the Flickr ID which you can get from the URL of your Flickr profile.

And it just pulls in the Flickr images so let’s go back to our profile and see what’s going on. So we have our header as we saw here’s a slideshow with a progress bar on the right-hand side was the information we did at the very beginning where we had our biography.

And our title and that goes on the right-hand side there is our featured project nicely laid out you can also edit these with like an Omni little edit button right here there’s the skills we added this one white on yellow was a poor choice for colours so I don’t advise you to do that and the pencil again to make edits portfolio here.

The quote services post links to the video and the Flickr widgets over here recent posts over here and a website link over here. And also social media you can add if you go to change avatar this takes us back where to make some edits and this is where we can add a profile picture which is this one right here. If you have a Gravatar associated with your email address it will pull that image in here.

Best WordPress BuddyPress Plugin Review

If you don’t you can upload your image right here and just like we had on the widget settings there are more options down below and we have the profile cover which is the big image that goes on top of the page and these settings aren’t created by the user these are created by BuddyPress user just makes them look better.

So here we upload cover images and we can add social networks on the very bottom tab where you add social networks as we see fit and then we have our completed profile. And so that is how quickly a user can create a profile on this website using user it’s even faster with BuddyPress.

Because there are nearly as many options so it’s if you have just buddy presses even faster but with the user you create this beautiful profile and pretty quickly the rest of the work comes in the settings area for the plugin so if we head back to our wordpress admin there’s a user panel that’s been added.

And there’s a bunch of different settings areas each of these settings areas has eight a lot of settings. So even though the users will have a quick time creating stuff on the front-end you in the background you’re setting it up you have a lot of options to go through to make sure the site works how you want it.

And options are always great to have so under the general settings we have all these settings in here wall settings group schemes panels emoji author boxes custom styling social networks account verification reviews bookmarks groups directors sayings members directory settings we’re not going to go through every one.

Because that would literally take the entire day because there’s just so many of them but the ones we’re gonna check out are the cooler ones so it’s head over to profile settings and even those many look the same these have all changed now. And they’re specific to just profiles so using users you can allow private profiles.

And profile effects private profiles are just profiles that are private the person who created it doesn’t want to be seen on the site. And so they make it private you can allow that functionality or not and if we go to header settings we can allow the site to show someone is online or offline. So if you’re concerned with privacy concerns when I want to keep this offline. But if you’re not just keep it online.

Best WordPress BuddyPress Plugin

And the header options for those different hairstyles are down near the bottom here and these are all the different layouts currently we’re on this layout and if we choose this one for example. And then Save Changes come out here and refresh we don’t have a completely different looking profile this is applied to all profiles across the entire site and you quickly easily freshen up the display of the page of design of the page by just clicking one of these in the example that we saw with Nathan here we got we have his info in the middle as a background image in the back.

And that looks like this one right here choose that Save Changes refresh the page this theme is a box design. So doesn’t spread across the whole page but if you had a site that did stretch the whole pages to be stretched across the whole page and that looks pretty snazzy. And before I carry on the settings let’s look at the activity page.

But the design has and looks a lot cleaner these buttons with the gradients add a nice touch big blue buttons to click on looks much nicer head over to members earlier it just had a square image of me. And my I think my name. And my user name that’s it and now we have a card with much more interactive information which is just much better to look at frankly and these days keeping people engaged with websites requires the website looks good.

And this goes a long way towards doing that back into the profile settings we also have widget settings and these are for the widgets that we have on our profile page when we added the about me the services. We can change the colours for the video title and description and those are our video settings. So not all these settings are a huge amount of things but allow you to customize the colours. And things are bad to match your brand now we also have BuddyPress settings. So friend settings group settings review settings and more.

And there’s a complete documentation website right over here which walks you through everything if you need the walking through I prefer to just go in and click things and then change them. And see what happens on the front end is usually how I do it and then if I get stuck somewhere then I go to documentation and there’s a great amount of documentation in here one of the awesome features as well for this plugin is the membership settings there’s a lot of them.

And these membership settings are like a membership site where people come in and pay to get access but these membership settings allow you to customize how people register. And interact with your site you create registration forms with unlimited fields you can approve people as they come in you can change the form designs.

If we go off the documentation and old membership settings I’ll show you the form design options similar to the weight of the header is pick one. And click Save Changes it allows you to change the design so the login settings here we have all these different layouts for different login form styles and the registration settings same thing different layouts for the registration page.

And you can turn the membership on or off so you have the choice to use the BuddyPress login registration system or you can use the membership system built in the user. And this under registration forms is how you can change out the button settings of button layout and there’s a lot going on for these settings.

And I’m unable to build out an entire website as they have here in a short amount of time. So for the rest of these features let’s just take a quick look at their website. So we can see how we can present this on your website using this plugin so head over to the info tab because the overview one we’ve seen we’ve created one of those and the info tab just lists basic info that the publisher or the BuddyPress user on your website has on their account.

If we scroll down when you see the basic info whatever they want to add they don’t have to add all these things like their address. And email and the first and last name gonna have to add all that but they can if they want to and the user badges you see here that’s integration with my cred that the user plugin offers it’s an additional add-on you can get it on the Buddy press or started on the code canyon website you scroll down to the bottom here’s my credit integration.

And it is another add-on it’s also really inexpensive and there are two levels to my cred integration you use a free mic retic counts of users can start earning badges for their profiles. And if you use the paid extension the users can actually earn points for doing activities on your site like filling in widgets leaving reviews things like that.

So they can earn points and then compete with each other to see who are the most points and earn more badges. And that’s using the paid extension the user plugin itself is only $36 and this is the amount at which it levels up your BuddyPress site two minutes it’s totally worth it there’s a friends list. And a lot of this is BuddyPress functionality does a user makes it more beautiful. And of course, there are ads and this is a very important part of this plugin because it’s actually quite difficult to add ads without an additional plugin – BuddyPress.

And a lot of plugins that are out there they’re not that good there are all kinds of ad settings and ad placements available inside the plugin settings so if you want to monetize your BuddyPress based network this ads option is key it’s great it’s a great addition to the plugin under the posts tab we see that person’s posts on the website. If they have any again if you have that option activated or not everybody needs to be able to post on your site but if they are able to you think unless their posts on their profile.

And the comments tab is discussions with other members and the rest of these tabs you can click through all these and see how they level up and display on your website. I’m not gonna go through all of them because you can do that too the link down below in the description so go to the demo site and check it out but we are gonna check out our member’s directory and see how that looks because it’s looks really good I think I grew up with video games.

And so this reminds me of video games there’s all these different badges and stars and colourful widgets and things it’s not for everybody. But I quite like it so I love the Howell you can display these member information cards and the data on these cards are pulled from their profiles. And you have power over how these display in the settings and I think they are quite awesome and there are different ways you can design these as well.

So under pages and author widgets, you’re given options on how to display those cards. So this is the one we saw or has all their information and you can display it like this where the header image is what’s changed we have half not half a header. But we have the header and then the profile image that Gravatar half on the header half below it and here we have it completely on the header with the name and these are different ways we can choose to display our author widgets.

I quite like this one the full background is quite nice too minimalist. But you can choose different ways just in the settings like we saw before you go to the author widget settings. And you just pick a display option save and then you have the new display option another great thing is plugin offers is private profiles so if someone says to profile the private we saw that setting earlier this is what people who do not have access to this profile will see it have some information about them.

And it says account private you must be friends in order to access this profile and that’s what non-friends will see there’s also the ability to add profile 404 pages. So pages that have been deleted because users are able to delete their profiles instead of having just a blank website for four it has one that’s specific to BuddyPress.

And it looks like a couple of profiles it’s got this crashed aeroplane here and this is for four and it explains what has happened that’s a nice touch another very important aspect of BuddyPress is groups so we check out the demos here. And we go to the group’s directory you can see that groups are designed much the same way that cards for the authors are and you can add yourself to a group your request access to a group you can have groups where you need to have approval by the administer in the groups on your personal page all the things that are public are all fed into the global newsfeed.

And this global newsfeed is basically the pulse of your social network and everything that is posted anywhere on the site that is public. And is set to be publicly displayed it will be visible here posts in groups and even replies to posts in groups new groups that are created here is Cristin adding seven new photos to her profile anything that’s public will be listed in this global newsfeed.

And you can also just write your own updates as you want right in here similar to how you do it on Facebook you can have a status update photo update slideshow update quote file hit these three dots right here you can have a video update audio a link. So you can post all kinds of different stuff where do you want to post it in your profile under Goodreads.

So you put your status update in here you pick where to post it either on your profile or in a group that you’re in and you hit the post and that will appear in this global newsfeed as well. And then when you’re looking through this newsfeed there’s a lot of stuff to digest.

So if you want to just show things from people who you’re following or groups you’re following click on this only post from your friends click on this only post for me groups click on here only ones you’ve favourited click on their only ones where you’re mentioned click on here we’re able to filter all. The messages based on post type are the same post types that we’re able to create over here and we can check out our messages notifications friendship requests and go into our settings.

And like I said this is kind of the pulse of your social network or a lot of people be spending a lot of time interacting. And viewing content and things like that and it’s very nicely designed just like everything else with this plugin one quick look at the features back on the sales page here on Code Canyon. Like I said $39 think of Meister 36 earlier 39 super inexpensive for what you get.

And what’s also important the average star rating is four-point nine six pretty much five out of five for 250 ratings which is awesome if you scroll down here we see a graphical visual representation of a lot of the features I’m not going to read through all of them because it’s much more exciting for you to do it yourself it’s kind of boring to watch me read it but I know if you go here. And read it it’s much more exciting to think of the potential of how to use this plugin as you’re reading through all of these features.

Buddypress while keeping all this functionality and if you’re interested in the plugin check it out in the link and next up is checking out this. If you don’t have a buddy press site yet but after watching this you kind of want one this is how you set up the BuddyPress site. Then go get this plugin and I will see you the next time.

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Best WordPress BuddyPress Plugin


Elfsight plugins for WordPress Website Review | UpTig

Elfsight plugins for WordPress Website Review | UpTig

Elfsight plugins for WordPress Review | UpTig

Hey guys Richard here from the school of nomads. So in today’s I want to go through a website site are a provider of widgets that make your site more appealing and engage your visitors more. So I’m going to review Elfsight plugins for WordPress.  I’m going to show you the range of widgets they’ve got also going to show how you can edit these widgets to kind of make them.

You need to your own brand then I’m going to go through the pricing and kind of show you how they structure the way that they’re charging for these various widgets on your website. So let’s jump straight inside the application and I’m going to show you some examples of the type of widgets you can get here.

Elfsight plugins for WordPress so just jump straight into the application now. The first thing you see is if you’ve already created applications you’ll see them listed on top here and you’ll see the number of views of applications these applications have got now the way this pricing structure works with elf sites is that they allow. You to create the widgets or applications and put them on your site and they have various plans then that you pay more money depending on how many views that would you actually get.

So if you’re a very very large company you’d need to pick a plan that suits your audience and if you’re small you can pick a light plan initially that actually is free. And I’m going to show you a kind of this pricing model and then I’m going to show you another place where you can go get some of these plans for slightly cheaper.

Elfsight plugins for WordPress So let’s go ahead and look at the types of applications they have now the kind of good thing about this. And one thing I was very impressed with is they’ve got a really really extensive range of widgets that you can add to your site now obviously most people on here will understand what these widgets are but if you’re just kind of new to the whole website thing when you go to a website.

And you see various things like pop-ups or contact forms or messengers for Facebook suddenly pop up they’re all widgets that you can actually put on your page and it’s all coding that you can actually get externally.

And just add to any kind of site I’m going to show you actually the range of sites you can use these various widgets on but you can get all sorts of things in your Instagram feeds. YouTube galleries Facebook fees Google Maps there are over 60 plus widgets on here that you can pick from and they’re all free to put on your website at least initially.

Elfsight plugins for WordPress Review

If you haven’t got many views on them at the moment and I know it’s kind of create one I’ll show you how the pricing works so again lots and lots of different ones on here lots of new ones on here as well as adding all the time.

So I’m going to come across here and all you need to do is create the widget and then you have all of these different templates on the left-hand side that you can go ahead with. And pick from so this will appear on your various websites in these various templates right all of your. Another page.

Elfsight plugins for WordPress So I’m gonna go ahead and I’ll continue with this template and there are various other things you can do on here you can the header you can change various things to do with the layout of the head as you can see that this is changing now you can come along. And change the different types of rows.

So you can have two rows here and change the rows up so there are lots and lots of ways to say that you can change these apps up and that’s kind of the unique thing I found about this or the cool thing I found about it is the fact that I can come in here. And kind of change things around some of the widgets so it doesn’t look the same kind of type of widget that pops up and everybody else’s websites.

So I can see how this looks now on various devices as well so this would be my laptop view this would be my kind of tablet view of someone was viewing this widget. And this would be my kind of phone view but I think it’s a really nice tool now if I come back and I actually want to save this I’m gonna apply the changes you’ll see once I apply the changes there are various plans that I can actually pick from right I can have either annual plans or monthly plans all depends on how many websites.

Elfsight plugins for WordPress

You’d like to use these various widgets on and how many views per website you’d actually get so obviously the more popular your website is the more you’d actually pay for these various widgets so six dollars a month if seeing what the deals are are are like on there.

And see if it’s maybe worth buying in a different place. So this is my current plan I’d already created one of the users I’m on the Lite plan. If I manage this I can actually add this to my website and all I need to do then is paste this code into the place on my website. Where I add my widgets so it’s pretty really simple once you’ve created this to get it onto your website and then get it up.

And running so there’s lots and lots of choice here if they don’t different types of applications and widgets that you can actually have on your site and each one of them is customizable. And each one of them just needs a bit of code you can put them straight on there. So I kind of thought this is good you know if you’re interested in building sites or you want to improve your existing site this could be a really good kind of product for you I just go over to the main sales page I want to jump down.

And show you the different types of websites you can actually use this on so the lots. And lots here that you can go ahead and do so if you’re you’ve got any sites in any of these various types of platforms. And you can go ahead and use this application so I’m going to jump over to app sumo.

Elfsight plugins for WordPress Review

And I want to compare the pricing in-app sumo with the pricing that we just looked at on the actual application site itself ok. So just remember to absolutely and the main difference here I see there on the outside because obviously, it’s a yearly or a monthly cost it can be slightly cheaper just for the first year for some of the suppliers like the single or the multiple plans the multiple of 50,000 kinds of loads per month and very slightly cheaper.

But obviously, these are one-time purchases so if you look at 2-byte this app over the long term I have it running on your site for the long term then this would be a better option for you just pop over to app sumo. And check out their one-time purchases and kind of go for the multiple ones for instance rather than a yearly version of that in the other site the only other thing. I see on app sumo is that the biggest plan they’re offering is for 1 million views a month.

Elfsight plugins for WordPress So if that’s something that is going to be an issue for you then you would need to go back over the outside application because they’ve got plans up to five million views amounts. So if you’re lucky enough to have that many views on your website a month that would be the place that you would go and find that. So let’s go and check out the actual reviews themselves and see what some of the other folks were using this or saying.

So jobs on the top Zoomer and here are some of the reviews now this has got a pretty much a four and a half taco review in this 30 to 32 reviews him people are genuinely very very happy with this product right and I do think one of the benefits of this is the fact that there is a huge range of different widgets on there which you could probably get in other locations.

Elfsight plugins for WordPress Review

I mean this is a this is one of the rivals or the alternatives to veto elements. But it is good because they’re all in the same location and they’re very very easy to kind of modify. And use straightaway just pop over to app sumo I’ll leave a link below you’ll be able to see that these are very very good reviews that they’re having this.

Elfsight plugins for WordPress So you know people seem to be pretty pleased with the tool overall and get a lot of good use of it. So thanks for watching this has been Richard Armey this is the School of nomads I leave all of the links to the various sites I’ve been discussed today below.

So you can go check them out yourself and hey if you’ve used the elf site yourself. And you’re actually creating widgets and using them on sites I’d love to hear all about it so leave me a comment below. And go ahead and give me a thumbs up if you found this review useful.

So go ahead and check that out again thank you very much for reading this review until next time takes care.

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Elfsight plugins for WordPress



Download Monitor Plugin for WordPress digital downloadable products | UpTig

Download Monitor Plugin for WordPress digital downloadable products | UpTig

Download Monitor Plugin for WordPress digital downloadable products | UpTig

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you to use the WordPress download manager Download Monitor Plugin for WordPress digital downloadable products. It’s a plugin in the repository.  It’s really simple to use it allows you to protect your PDF downloads and in fact videos or zips or whatever you want to protect. You can protect it with this plugin you can track how many times something is downloaded you can limit the number of times it’s downloaded and a bunch of other stuff.

We’re getting started right now. Hi, guys welcome back to another article it’s born from WP Learning Lab we hope you get better at WordPress so you can earn more for yourself for your clients and for your business we haven’t done.

So yet click subscribe I click the bell notification icon so you don’t miss anything and with that out of the way let’s install this download manager and start protecting your downloads I’ll see in the screen capture to install the download manager first we head over to plugins.

And then we click on add new I’m going to search for download manager so the wordpress developer manager. I like to use is the one on the top left there is a premium version and a free version the free version does everything I need and I’m going to show you what I need.

And I’m going to show you how you can do it if you need other things the download monitor may have that as a free option or you may just have to splurge for the premium if you can’t find one that does it for free. But the free version that’s a lot for the download manager here.

And I click on install and then activate and they come with a splash screen for the manager to promote some downloads some add-ons if you want them you don’t need them probably because there’s a download section at it with a whole bunch of features. So the first thing we’re going to do is actually add a document to the download monitor it’s going to click on add new and I’m gonna type in service contract PDF you can add a description.

If you want to now I can drag and drop the file we want to upload into this dotted dashed box area over here and I’m going to just drag and drop my file over to there if you drop it here it’s going to add it to your regular media library what you don’t want in this case. So I’m going to drop it right into this box over here uploads it there adds the file up here we also have the option of browsing the actual website.

So if click on browse this is the root of our website so we can actually find files here if that’s where they exist and add those to the download now that we have this file uploaded our next step is setting some options down at the bottom we can include a very number if we want a linked label. The file size which had actually ordered the text so you don’t really need to add this you don’t have to enter anything here.

Download Monitor Plugin for WordPress digital downloadable products

And then allow access you can choose who has access to this download by default it adds in all visitors you can choose a different user group on your site even membership levels if you have them the page template every document that exists here or that we create here can have a page template as well to be viewed on a page I don’t really use this option because.

I don’t want people to really view the page I just want them to download what they’re downloading under the lock options tab we have a couple of ways to lock the PDF.  So the first one they must agree to terms so you put in terms title and have the conditions here checkbox label this would be something like I agree these first two are self-explanatory.

But they have to then check this box besides I agree before they can download the file you can have a password lock. So you give the password to your friends you enter the password here then you give it to your friends or your family they have to enter.

That password before they can download CAPTCHA lock you have to install reCAPTCHA which is just another plugin simple and install and download there’s really no settings to it you just install it and then it has a CAPTCHA that people have to solve before.

They can download when all those settings are set click on publish. And then head over to all files click on there and we see our new file right here with a shortcode that we can copy this column which currently has nothing in it is the Downloads column. So as this file is downloaded you’ll see numbers appearing here but first, we have to embed it in the page as people can actually find it and download it.

So I’m gonna head over to a page gonna make a new one actually just gonna call it service contract and I’m gonna paste the shortcode into the editor here then click on publish then.

The actual URL to the PDF so if we hover over this and we look at the URL in the bottom corner over the browser it doesn’t show the URL of the PDF so people can’t hotlink directly to it. People can’t share that URL friends are posted on their website it protects your download essentially this icon is an Adobe Acrobat icon you can actually change that if we head back into the editor for the service contract.

And we go to the very bottom click on the icons tab then we can choose a different icon for that if we want if we head back to the package settings you see it auto-populated the file size like. I said we don’t have to populate that so I’m going to leave all that as it is and I’m going to download just by clicking on it.

The download link and now we’re gonna see if we head back into all files we’re gonna see a number updated to the number one because it’s been downloaded one time right here now this might be you testing it and saying you don’t want that test to show up in the results. So we go back into the editor scroll down to the very bottom and we change this download count back to zero or even just delete.

Download Monitor Plugin for WordPress digital downloadable products

It clicks on update click on all files again and now we have this back down to zero so that’s how we add assets to our download manager this can be PDF files audio files video files images text documents just any kind of asset that you want to monitor and protect now you might be adding a lot of stuff in here. So there’s also the option to add tags so you can add certain tags save you have a course content tag.

And a free content tag you can label things in specific ways and then keep things organized in the back end of your site same with categories just for the organization in the history tab if we head over to that it shows who downloaded it and when they download it. And who was just an IP address so it doesn’t really tell you exactly who the person is but it tells you the IP and when it was then we also have our settings tab so here we have permission denied message for some packages like we saw earlier you can choose which user segment is able to download?

So all visitors would never see this message but if you made that download only available to logged-in people they would see this message here. And you can update it as you need to server file browser when we’re uploading the file we click on a little browse tab that showed the root of our website this is where you can set that or change that.

So maybe you have a bunch of people working on your site but you don’t want them to see the root you might have a folder that just contains PDFs maybe it’s in the public HTML file forward-slash PDF and now they only have access to that folder or maybe it’s called assets.

And that’s where you have all the assets for the download manager then you can also set who has access to it by default only the administrator but you can have all user roles on your sites be able to access that file browser you can choose to sanitize. The file name by clicking this if there are illegal characters in the file name they’ll be removed you can set the download speed to limit the impact on your server resources you can block certain IP addresses if you want you can enable the resumption of downloads.

So if they get a partial download they can keep going. And we have output buffering which helps with server resources and visitor satisfaction open in a new browser tab if they click on the download link CAPTCHA settings if you want to use a CAPTCHA disable JavaScript you’d only really use this if something goes wrong or if these scripts are ready on your site if using a font awesome plug-in, for example, you don’t want this to load font-awesome as well so just disable that by checking that box.

Download Monitor Plugin for WordPress digital downloadable products

On the login page, you can choose the login page here that’s where they’ll be redirected when they have to login register page dashboard page. And then include the packages in the RSS feed if you want that’s usually something I never do so that is the free version of the plugin there are some add-ons there’s a little add-ons tab here you may or may not need them I find that I’ve never needed them because the free version does so much for monitoring. And protecting your downloads.

But if you need some of these add-ons just have a quick read through what they are and maybe some of these are waiting for me there’s quite a few of them and a lot of them are paywalls as well so they can force people to pay first before they access your download which is a membership thing and I don’t know why you want to do it through this plugin versus a real membership plug-in but maybe that’s how you want to do it.

So I’ll be up to you and all these downloads and add-ons are here and there’s quite a few of them. So chances are this developer is making a Bitcoin which means that they will likely keep developing it which is always a concern for plugins that go out of date. And the developer just lost interest and they don’t do it anymore. But if someone’s livelihood is associated with that plugin they’re going to keep updating it that’s one of the benefits of a plug-in having a premium option it keeps the developer more interested and more tied to the development of both the free version.

And the premium version that’s how easy it is to start protecting your downloads. I hope this article helps you if you have any questions or run it any problems please leave your questions or comments down below this article if you haven’t done so yet click Subscribe. So you don’t miss anything and next up is clicking one of these articles that appear on the right-hand side so you can get even better at WordPress and until next time keep crushing it I will see you the next time.

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Best WordPress BuddyBoss Plugin Review | UpTig

Best WordPress BuddyBoss Plugin Review | UpTig

Best WordPress BuddyBoss Plugin Review | UpTig

Yeah, everybody, this is Ian and today I’m gonna do a really quick let’s say overview of the brand new buddy-buddy boss platform for those of you who aren’t familiar with Best WordPress BuddyBoss Plugin. It is steam and a plugin/platform that improves and optimizes BuddyPress which is a social networking plugin for WordPress. It essentially emulates a Facebook-style community and it’s really a phenomenal way of building a true authority site a true platform and in true brand around your business.

So I’m going to show you I’ve used buddy boss for many years the first version that they came out with I want to say five or six years ago maybe seven years ago or more I think I purchased it about six years ago. It was really a quantum leap over the existing body press style solutions that were on offer at that time since then they’ve optimized and improved and iterated on their plugin and their platform in some really cool and creative ways.

I haven’t really used the plug-in or the seem much in the intervening years. But I think as of today and again they are rolling out a whole new platform that is built around their plug-in and I’m going to show to you right now so essentially we’re on the buddy boss calm page come we’re going to build a sandbox for our own version of our own occasion or instance of this theme and framework.

Best WordPress BuddyBoss Plugin

So you’ll see it live as I’m going through this in real-time right so right now we are creating the sandbox I’ll probably do a couple of different videos on this I think this is really an exciting and innovative approach for those of you who are you know kind of sick of using the directory model I know many of you are and you can use this to emulate directory but you can certainly take it much further as I’m about to show you.

So this is gonna be a live example and I just built it right they give everyone the opportunity to build a sandbox environment that you can explore so here it is alright so now you’re looking at this on desktop obviously I’m on my MacBook. But essentially where this really shines is on mobile or is on you know small device. And I’m just gonna show you some of the various facebook-like functionalities that have been built into this is pretty much Gasol BuddyPress 101.

But buddy boss does some things that are just really really you know significant improvement slash enhancements over that you know basic behaviour let’s say so now again buddy boss is the theme.

And this gets a little confusing but his boss is the theme but they also have this buddy boss platform which is the plugin and again I’ll cover this in more detail with you directly. If I’m working with you and you want to build something like this and or in some written materials I don’t really want to describe all the nuances and differences between the platform plug-in and the theme have essentially.

The same just Styles all the functionality you see built-in here right so again as you can see this is really you know just a very safe book-like experience on WordPress.  And it’s just you know you can just do really amazing and interesting things but I want to show you where I think this is going to be most you know impressive to those of you who are building authority sites or building marketplace tile communities or like myself building course communities and online marketplaces with lots of people lots of products.

Best WordPress BuddyBoss Plugin

And lots of things to promote so let’s go to integrations and the first thing I’m going to show you is Lauren – LMS immigration this is really quite relevant to me because we’re building a mindful marketplace community of courses right now we’re using the path right path to do that it’s much more expensive.

And actually, I love path right so I don’t necessarily that I would change to learn press even if we build a buddy-buddy boss integration into our platform but as you can see here is really nicely done this is all on WordPress using the learn – plug-in which is an extra purchase over the buddy boss itself you have to purchase from Lauren press the plug-in I believe it’s like $159.

But as you can see this is a full course like an LMS style offer that’s now built into buddy box right so you can now use learn press with buddy boss this has been available for quite some time with one of the buddy bosses solutions they have a learned existing learning – integration but this is a much more refined much smoother.

And much more optimized learn – integration relative to what they had before so again you can offer an entire course community which to me is really really appealing let’s go back to the course and let’s go back to courses you can see all the courses you can have different teachers so you can build a marketplace like what we’re doing you can integrate groups.

And BuddyPress like so it’s the social networking or network effects elements into your course community which is really really you know quite impressed alright let’s go to events this is just another integration they have with the event plugin which is I think it’s modern tribe kraits this is a free version and the pro versions will work with either one so you can now sell events on your community.

Best WordPress BuddyBoss Plugin Review

So your members can sell events you can promote events for free there are a ton of different ways of doing this in a really cool and creative way and again most directory builders certainly understand the importance of events especially if you’re building something in a local marketplace or a niche market place you know lots of your members are going to have things they want to promote outside of their own listings.

And events and products are certainly two of the top things that folks seek out when they’re looking to get a listing on a marketplace or community site alright I want to make this quick I know I tend to drone on so I’m going to try not to do that here. But I’m going to show you another integration that is really important for those of you who are building directories and again this is all built into the buddy Boss experience.

So you have a job so now you can sell or offer your members the ability to either post or apply for jobs it’s very cool this is really nicely done as you’ll see you can search you can apply for jobs this is a theoretical job offer from Pinterest overview job description company description apply for a job here.

And you have the ability here to upload a CV to write a message send an application etc right so the possible permutations of this style approach for anything that you’re considering the building are super you know excited I mean you just show many different ways of doing of buildings like an all-in-one platform using this.

That you certainly can’t do with something like your traditional mystify or even something like my listing directly tails in comparison to the full functionality that you’ll have integrating something like buddy boss into your community.

So here’s the shop this is the most you know salient point to me is you know I’m about selling products or silly products members products my own products and this is tightly integrated with WooCommerce which allows you to sell products of your own right.

So my own let’s offer services etc and/or açelya products which is another huge part of my own business which in this case you would just link to an affiliate product let’s say something on Amazon or running a member’s products wait you know an Enterprise style affiliate offer that you’re promoting and using the drop-down that comes free with WooCommerce you can select an external product type.

And this changes to an external link rather than a WooCommerce on-site transaction and essentially you just input your affiliate link into that little box.

And you get paid the network conversion takes place all right let’s really quick look at the forums again this is super sweet the styling and the aesthetics of this really nicely done so here’s a form that you can have on your site that just looks phenomenal and again I would encourage you to check this out on mobile you’re looking at this on a 17-inch screen.

Right now where this really shines is on mobile through the mobile experience as you can see here these are mentions again with Facebook-style functionality. And If you go actually let’s pull this up here and if you go to my inbox you can see all the messages other members have sent again to this dummy member my photos really beautifully style photo albums in my discussions.

Best WordPress BuddyBoss Plugin Review

I think this pulls up your forum interactions and again think about how this would all integrate with what you’re building you know this is really you’re looking at something that would cost tens of thousands of dollars to build for yourself or the paid developer create you can do this for a true bootstrap budget.

And build something that would allow your audience and really take the lead endeavour niche or locality or you know whatever you’re building whatever authority site style community you aspire to create this can certainly do that for you in a jiff alright my achievements as tightly integrates with different with an achievements plug. And I’ll show you the name of it but it’s like a badge and gamification style plugin that’s free.

And I will post a link to that as well below but you know. I just forget the name of the specific plugin they use I’ve never used that particular plugin alright groups so these are you know ways that you would segment your community into different interest areas etc there are the members of this particular group here the public you know the posts that publish on the specific group and there are lots of ways of sort of blocking off this content if you want to make it private that comes with BuddyPress specifically you can create.

You know very private eyes or public or even you can monetize groups by charging for access to them here’s the Activity Feed again I don’t want to go you know do my usual sort of you know deep dive into this. But you can just see this is the general community Activity Feed you can change the layouts here however you want to move that bar there again.

If you scroll this down you’ll see you know it gets pretty attractive on a small screen let’s see if there’s anything else I might show you obviously it’s a blog its Gutenberg optimized really nice search functionality here’s you know you are notifications again this looks great on mobile.

And yeah that’s pretty much it my courses so again you know remembering that we’re looking at this from the vantage point of a user which in this case is a test user myself. But this will show me all the courses that I’m enrolled in so you can pull up any of those this is just super sweet super high and nicely done and really you know a premium touch to what would otherwise be a pretty rudimentary experience want worthless.

So I really recommend you guys check this out you can check out buddy boss at the link below if you want help creating your network or you want a done-for-you style service I’m gonna be offering something like this through a partner where we’ll build this for you really working closely with clients who want to launch an entire platform using my marketing methods and using my promotion and content marketing approach with this specific. You know the set of plugins and platforms alright.

So if you have any questions as always feel free to ask both this has been helpful and I’ll talk to everyone soon Thanks.

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Best WordPress BuddyBoss Plugin


Beaver Builder Plugin for WordPress Review | UpTig

Beaver Builder Plugin for WordPress Review | UpTig

Beaver Builder Plugin for WordPress Review | UpTig

Hey guys,  welcome to this article now today we’re going to be talking about the Beaver Builder Plugin for WordPress.  If you don’t know what the beaver builder plug-in is it’s a wordpress page builder and for the last, you know a couple of months.  I’ve actually been reviewing a ton of different page builders for wordpress. So I thought I’d give this one a whirl and let you know what it’s like now my intention for this article is if you’re thinking about using beaver builder.

You just sort of want to get some more insight hopefully.  I can provide that for you today I want to share my personal thoughts things that I would want to know before I bought it just so you know I didn’t buy something and then have to refund it later. Or you know to be upset with my purchase so I sort of wanted to just create this article today to sort of and inform you some more about you know to be a builder.

What I think of it and you know what you can expect because there’s nothing worse than buying something and it not being what you thought it was right it’s all just hype so what I’m going to do today is I’m actually going to jump behind the screen in a little moment.  And I’m going to show you a website I’ve just created with beaver builder I’m also going to show you things like the different pricing options you know there are a lot of things that I  didn’t see before I joined up compared to what I can actually tell now which is really interesting.

And there are a few limitations that I also want to point out so instead of you knowing telling you about it I’m going to go ahead. And I’m going to show you pretty much right now and just keep those in mind if you’re thinking about buying it at but at the end of the day though this is a really really powerful builder. And there’s one thing that makes it stand out from the rest. So I’m going to jump behind the screen now I’m going to show you some info okay here we are behind my screen and we’re going to start off first of all at the beaver builder website.

Now when I first got started there was a few sorts of curious things I was thinking about so I thought I want to you know share the differences with them right now so you can understand which actual uh beaver builder product is right for you right so, first of all, I’m going to scroll down to the bottom of the home page and you’ll notice there are these two significant beaver builder products right there’s.

Beaver Builder Plugin for WordPress Review

The page builder plugin is the one I’m actually going to talk about today and the beaver builder theme right now seems like black chalk and cheese pretty much but the plugin builder you can use on any theme that you want so if you currently have a website.

But you want to have more customization then the plugin is perfect for you if you want to you know have an all-in-one theme that’s you know fully customizable from you know front and back and everything then you want to look at the beaver builder theme which I believe is called the beaver theme right the main differences are you know the plugin you are going to have to bring your own theme there are loads of free ones out there.

But there are limitations for each one while the beaver builder theme has got you to know it’s full cast fully customized it’s been just built for the beaver builder so keep those in mind and if you do get the beaver builder theme you can also use the wordpress customizer which I’ll show you in a second. And what that will allow you to do is actually just have more customizations allowed in the beaver builder.

If you are someone this is my personal recommendation here if you are someone that is you know quite has quite fun times you know creating pages and themes and things like that you know you like building websites I’d probably look at getting the beaver builder theme just because having that extra bit of customization um will allow you to do a few more things that you would only be able to do if you had the plugin.

And another theme but keep in mind everything’s to do with the budget right now that’s pretty much all I really wanted to talk about there that’s the main differences between the theme and the plugin as well by the way guys so keep that in mind now for the plug-in there is actually a few different levels right there’s the paid. And the free versions now just to show you what the free version is it’s essentially what I like to think of as like a trial sort of demo right.

So you get given the keys to the car you’re allowed to sit in the car you’re allowed to do all that sort of stuff turn it on but you’re not really allowed to drive it right. So if you use the free version you are allowed six basic modules which are these six here audio photo video HTML text editor and sidebar now if you’re making just a real basic website you know these are more than enough.

You know so you can create them all in there of course if you want to use things like contact forms um subscription forms you know all those sorts of things like that you know sliders all that sort of cool stuff you’re not gonna be able to get that on the free version you’re gonna have to get the paid version and I’ll show you the paid versions in a second just something to think about.

So if you want to check out the free version you’re more than happy welcome to do so but if you want to get straight into the mac daddy which I’ll show you in a second then you want to go to the paid versions now here are the three paid versions right you should um you should know the differences just so you don’t buy the wrong thing right so the standard is essential. The plugin right you still get you to know the premium modules you get the templates all that sort of stuff.

But it’s just the plugins so if you want to bring your own themes if you want to get some free themes whatever you know it’s cool and you save yourself 100 bucks right. So the standard one is what you want if you are someone sort of like me that gets annoyed with having to you know match things pair things that aren’t created essentially for each other then you want to get the beaver builder theme.

It’s going to allow you to have a few more bits of customization, of course, it does come at a price point extra hundred dollars there’s also multi-site but not many people I know actually use multi-sites so you probably won’t either so don’t worry about that. But those are the main differences if you are making this website for yourself or for your business.

Beaver Builder Plugin for WordPress Review

I’m assuming you’re going to want to have one of these two things right the standard you can think of as plugin pro is the theme and all the features are the same pretty much now the agency has actually got me really excited about the agency. It’s got a white labelling feature right not only can you do all of this stuff here which is on like every other thing and you can get networks multi-sites whatever

but it’s got weight labelling. So if you were a web development agency imagine if you know created your own websites for these people using your own page builder right. It’s like a nameless page build you might even be able to name it yourself or have a quick look, yeah you can replace you know replace bits and pieces it makes it so much more powerful right you’ve got your own page builder that you can go on.

Then sell to your clients right so it’s a really cool thing you can rent it out to them you can do whatever you want with it I believe that’s such a cool tool if I was creating websites for like clients all the time I would definitely white label it. And get this feature such a cool feature to pay itself back super quick but I just haven’t seen anywhere else really talk about that that’s why I’m so excited right now right

white labelling for a page builder massive. The funny part is I’ve actually used page builders that now I’ve played around with beaver builder I know are using beaver builder so that’s really really interesting right but that’s pretty much the pricing guys I don’t want to talk about too much.

But that is what you can expect once again plug-in theme and then weight label those that are the topics you need to think about so let’s go to the website I was just playing around with it before so this is the website that I have installed beaver builder right so this is it right here this is an Astra template I believe there’s a shortcode there because I haven’t got any products.

But it looks really clean right super easy and at the top here you can see it’s got a beaver builder, of course, you can do it in the back end if you want I’m sort of a front end creator though so I like to do everything on the front end. So if I activate the beaver builder you’ll notice that there is a tab at the top and this is where we’re going to have all of our settings now I’m not going to go through all of the settings on here

I just want to show you sort of that overview I’m also going to do another article which is a tutorial if you do decide to get it. And you wanna do some step-by-step stuff that’s all there um but inside here you’re gonna have all you know your CSS your javascript different layouts you can save layouts as well.

Beaver Builder Plugin for WordPress

Which is really cool and on the right here you’ve got this little plus button and this is going to be where all your modules are now if I show you once again the free version you have six and on the um premium version you’ve got you to know tons there’s more under this camera screen of me right now as well so there are loads there.

And apart from the standard modules, there’s also a light version of ultimate add-ons by beaver builder which is added in here now if you want to know what ultimate add-ons is I’ll actually talk about them instead when I get into it right now. But there are some more options here and then there’s also the wordpress widgets inside here as well which is really cool right so if you had your um beaver FEMA here it wouldn’t have these Astra ones it’ll be the beaver ones itself right so that’s really cool now rows inside here.

If you were to start customizing things by the way I like to always start with a pre-made template for any type of website build unless I’m adequate that I know exactly what I want and the reason for that is when you create things from scratch you usually have to you know optimize them for you know mobile tablet as well as desktop as well as you know to make sure everything looks good when you can already just take someone else’s work that’s good.

And then just add to it remove from it you know just make it your own which is really cool something to think about but so let’s just say I wanted to add in another column let’s just say I wanted to add the column and you know here really easy to do and then you can go ahead and just choose a module let’s just say on some text in here you know drop it in write some text you know real easy to do like this is some text you know it’s your basic wordpress build alright.

So that’s all there I’m not going to get into this too much one thing I really did like about beaver builder though is this so see how I’ve got you to know this  I’ve got these two sections here right one on the left one on the right let’s just say for some reason I didn’t like the the the size of it. And A wanted to make this one smaller you can actually shorten it right here and it’s going to adjust the one on the right as well and I really really like that a lot of builders don’t have this which is quite unique.

So I think having it there is really good and of course, you can shrink the pages to see what it looks like on all devices as it goes down so that’s really cool I did like it and I also did like the subscription for the module it was really nice so I’ll actually add one in just to show you how easy it is you’ll notice this template is different as well I’ll show you how easy it is to load in templates as well. So I’ll just call scroll down to subscription form drop it in and it will appear like so right real easy to do you can play around with the buttons.

And everything like that everything’s in here yeah. So that’s pretty cool so that’s all your basics right you can you know to make things bigger and smaller like so really cool and I want to talk about the templates now right because each builder has its own pre-made templates I’ve talked about the modules in the rows already now one thing you’ll notice is there aren’t that many templates here right. So I’m used to things like divi-divi as my daily driver and it’s got like a thousand templates on it if you scroll down here you’ll only notice there’s like 30 maybe 30 to 40 which isn’t bad I mean Devi does create them for each and each niche while these guys.

Beaver Builder Plugin for WordPress Review

You know create a sort of like broad templates for each and then you can just customize them to themselves to whatever your needs are so that’s not too bad and it’s extremely quickly extremely quick to load I couldn’t believe how quick it was so just for example I want to load this template here let’s say I want to replace it Completely look how fast this is to load literally what’s that four seconds, not even that four seconds.

And the entire template with images and demo data is imported now other page builders will take much longer. But I just thought that was really cool I just noticed that straight away and learning more about it as well the code for beaver builder is really simple code it’s um really light so the web pages do load really fast as well which is really good to know.

But I think that’s pretty much it what else have we got in here you can save pages as well as landing pages you’ve got your sections as well right um so you’ve got you to know different about us things like that our services you know portfolios and these things can you know either be replaced or I think you can alright so you have to just choose one it’s like a template.

So that’s pretty cool so I mean overall it’s a really good builder it’s really simple the one thing I think about more and more is this whole weight labelling thing it’s really really fast and the more you use this you know this plug-in the faster you’re going to get it right.  So I believe if you get beaver builder you’re going to be more than happy with it.

It does everything that you need it to it’s got all the modules that you need to the only issue I could ever see you running into is the number of templates but if you do need to upgrade there is the ultimate add-ons plug-in it does cost money unfortunately but it has you know tons and tons of more rows and page templates that you can actually get there is a light version I believe we’ve actually gone through it already where are we here.

But just for the modules there’s the so you’ll get a ton more modules as well and to show you some of them I actually review this as well in another article because it’s got so much stuff. But if I click on modules you know we’ve got you to know login forms which are really cool if you’re making membership websites you know fancy text box all these cool stuff hotspots you know loads and loads and loads of loads of loads add-ons as well as templates.

So that may be an option for you especially if you’re doing the white label so apart from that I don’t think there’s too much I really need to show you about beaver builder. It’s pretty straightforward it is a web page builder and it definitely does the job it’s super quick and if you did get it I don’t think you’ll ever have any issues with it so I’m just going to jump behind. The camera now I want to touch on a few other little things, okay guys.

So that was beaver builder as you can see it’s really really simple to use it’s got more than enough modules that you ever need to use as well. And it’s really really quick which I do like uh the few pros I have about it definitely speeds usability it’s super quick.

The ability to have a white label obviously it’s an agency add-on and it’s a little bit more expensive but while it’s such a cool thing to have as well as the cons about beaver builder I believe the templates the limits and templates are pretty slack there probably will be some free templates on the internet you can get. But I’m used to something like divi like I mentioned it has like a thousand templates I think elementor has like 350.

So in that regard you know there’s a few things limited but in saying that as well you can also get the ultimate add-ons for beaver builder which gives you a ton of more customization so overall it’s a really good builder I’d be more than happy to use this as the daily driver I’ve been using divi for years though.

So I don’t think it has got enough way for me to change just yet if you want to check it out I’ll also leave a link in the description as well as a bunch of other links you can check out for more information about things but overall very very cool page builder. If I was to create an agency that would potentially make me go over the line to use beaver builder for all of my websites just because it’s such a cool little incentive to have and I’ll definitely get super quick and fast at it.

And yeah it’ll be awesome apart from that guy I hope you have got some information that you are looking for about beaver builder it can definitely do the job that you’re requiring it to do.

It just sort of depends on how many different types of websites you want to build or how many options you want to have or how you want to do it visually right so if you’ve enjoyed this review make sure you click the thumbs up button and if you haven’t yet subscribed make sure you do I’m going to review a ton more WordPress themes plugins that sort of thing as well as some other great marketing tools to help grow your business.

So I’m super excited to get those out to you and make sure you check the description I’m going to leave a bunch of links to heaps of cool resources both mine and others that will definitely help you take your business to the next level. And I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s article guys that’s it from me and I’ll see you at the next one.

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Beaver Builder Plugin for WordPress