Amazon Online Book Store Review

Amazon Online Book Store – Review. This online shopping powerhouse has taken over a large part of the book market for a reason: our research revealed that Amazon has the largest selection of books combined with the lowest prices of any online bookstore we reviewed.

Amazon Online Book Store – Review

The Good

Long selection
Low price
Great features

Amazon displays a running list of the number of items available for purchase in each category. On the day we looked at the selection, Amazon had over 22 million new books, over 24 million used books, and over 1 million collectables, numbers that far exceed any other online bookstore. that we examined. As part of our review process, we also compared The New York Times’ ten best-selling books in print, electronic, and audio formats, and Amazon was the only site that stocked every book in all formats (Barnes & Noble and Books-one million). leap). for a very close second place in this category).

To top it off, Amazon’s prices were still the lowest, beating Barnes & Noble to brag again. In addition to low prices, you can also save money by purchasing a $99.00 Amazon Prime membership. It’s better for families, as up to four family members in the same household can share the membership at no additional cost. Membership includes free two-day delivery, monthly rental of the Kindle Owners Lending Library, and free monthly eBook downloads through Kindle First, among other benefits.

Amazon offers all the features you’d expect from an online bookstore, including basic search, advanced search, category search, editorial and user reviews, and the ability to save listing items wishlist for future reference. Además, Amazon offers more options of soporte que cualquier otra librería en línea que hayamos revisado: puede buscar preguntas frecuentes, chatear en línea con un agente de soporte, enviar una solicitud por correo electrónico o proporcionar su tel numero y solicitar una devolución de llamada waiting.

We were thrilled to learn that Amazon invests in sustainable charities and community organizations. For example, Amazon has donated Kindles and e-books to elementary schools, funded several disaster relief efforts, and supported children’s organizations such as Boys and Girls Clubs, Little League, Toys for Tots, Girls Inc. and Make-a-Wish. . Foundation.

Amazon also ships the majority of its orders in environmentally friendly packaging, adopts energy-efficient shipping and distribution practices, and operates from a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold-certified headquarters in Seattle. . LEED certifications are awarded by the US Green Building Council in recognition of buildings that “conserve money and resources and positively impact occupant health while promoting clean, renewable energy.”

Amazon Online Book Store – Review

The Bad

Convert files
No PayPal option
Legal affairs

If you decide to become a loyal buyer of Amazon e-books, consider using one of Amazon’s Kindle e-readers. You can read KF8, MOBI, and AZW eBook file formats on a Kindle, but if you want to read other formats like ePub, you’ll need to convert the file or download another reading app on your Kindle.

This means you either spend more time converting files or end up with separate libraries to change, making your playback experience a little less efficient and convenient. We note that Amazon does not accept PayPal as a method of purchase. PayPal is one of the most common forms of online payment these days, and the fact that Amazon doesn’t offer it as an option seems like a stupid oversight, except that PayPal is owned by eBay, a major competitor to Amazon. (well done, Amazon).

However, Amazon accepts all major credit cards and even some of the less popular credit cards, so you still have plenty of payment options. Amazon has also gotten into legal trouble over its business practices. In 2013, Amazon paid a $455,000 fine to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for a court order it filed alleging that Amazon violated the Textile Fiber Product Identification Act.

Specifically, the FTC cited Amazon for advertising products as “100% organic bamboo”, “100% bamboo fabric”, or other similar claims, while at the same time advertising that the products actually contained fibre content. different. In July 2014, the FTC filed another injunction against Amazon, this time alleging account holders were already being charged millions of dollars in unauthorized child charges.

This violates an FTC law, which states that “trade practices are unfair if they cause consumers significant harm that the consumers themselves cannot reasonably prevent.” The main problem is Amazon’s games and apps, which often encourage the purchase of virtual items by charging through a user’s account, but there are no password or login requirements. other security measures to prevent users’ children from approving charges without parental consent.

If found guilty, Amazon must refund the millions of dollars it received from in-game and in-app purchases, as well as take security measures to prevent a user’s account from being debited without payment. his consent.

The final result

Amazon is a solid choice for any bookworm. Whether you’re looking for new, used, audio, or even collectable eBooks, Amazon’s selection and prices are compelling. Additionally, Amazon’s Kindle devices continue to be a favourite among e-book readers.

Amazon’s commitment to improving communities and the environment also contributed to its score. Socially and environmentally responsible consumers can shop on Amazon with peace of mind. One final note: We will be closely monitoring the FTC’s ongoing investigation into unauthorized in-game and in-app purchases from Amazon and will update our review to reflect the findings once the case is resolved.

Amazon Online Book Store – Review

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