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Flatsome Review | Multi-Purpose Woocommerce Theme

Flatsome Review | Versatile Responsive WooCommerce Theme – There are a ton of concepts to choose from while this is a theme in your WooCommerce store. But a versatile subject that has a huge set of performance features may be an offering to seek out.

One of those WordPress themes is Flatsome, which has been around for a while. To give you a taste of the popularity of Flatsome, over 153,000 users have sold the themes from the ThemeForest page. UX Themes, the developers of WordPress Flatsome themes, claim that it is the largest eCommerce theme for WooCommerce.

Does Flatsome have the advantage? What positive aspects does Flatsome offer to WooCommerce stores? These are some of the questions I will try to answer in this Flatsome topic review. Continue reading!

About Flatsome

Flatsome has been around since 2013 and is one of the highest quality (and best selling) themes on ThemeForest. Indeed, with a score of 4.8 / 5, it is one of the 3 most effective ideal subjects for WooCommerce.

Performance on Cloudways

Cloudways managed WooCommerce web hosting is built for performance and reliability. WooCommerce stores hosted on Cloudways load sooner and are actually scalable as needed. Therefore, this Flatsome WordPress theme review might be incomplete without testing the read quality of Flatsome on the platform managed by Cloudways – for this I ran a speed test. Here are the results.

The experimentation workshop has the standard ready-to-use configuration without optimizations. Unlike a working WooCommerce store, the website metric is small, but still significantly less than a second. You can achieve higher load times and performance levels if you optimize the store.

Getting started with Flatsome

The installation set consists of a few folders.

In order to add the theme to your WooCommerce store, you need to extract the zip information and add it to the Themes folder. To do this, go to Dashboard → Appearance → Themes. To discover the zip folder, follow this path: flatsome_main → Subject files.

In the main folder, you will also find a document called The developers have this covered to help you create a baby theme that is generally useful while just replacing the CSS and wanting to continue with the unique customizations.

After installing the Flatsome WooCommerce theme, you may need to activate it. Go to your Dashboard → Appearance → Flatsome → click on “Activate”. A new window with the topic Activation procedure opens; Enter the purchase code you received from Flatsome.

Theme design

Design is a crucial part of a website. The more creative your online identity, the more solid customers you attract. It often happens that friends visit well-designed websites just for the sake of aesthetics.

Flatsome offers top-notch pre-made demos for your convenience while you have a site layout in mind. Another benefit of demos is that everything works fine from the residence’s website to the cashier.

WordPress Flatsome themes have fantastic parallax effects, a built-in wireframe kit, and a UX creator. With Flatsome Studio, you can easily build great looking websites with all these features. The theme colour, image size, block placement, icons, and historical past layout are all alive for the design.

Speed ​​optimization

More and more customers are now using cell phones to access the Internet. If you’re opening an online store, it needs to be mobile-friendly and fast for a better customer experience. This is where Flatsome is optimized for fast charging on cell phones.

The pattern can adapt to any display size. I have tested this topic on specific devices to check its compatibility and speed; the effects had been extraordinary. The logos and icons were well placed, as were all the special elements of the website.

Live Page Builder

Flatsome comes with a UX Builder which allows you to easily edit certain parts of the person and at that time see the changes on the Stay website.

The UX Builder comes with 36 additional pieces of content, adding the most important ones like videos, sliders, and sections. There are no complaints below as all of the main content elements/blocks are accessible with Flatsome.

Flatsome Studio

Flatsome Studio is a vaguely huge virtual library of images, preset layouts, and sections that you can easily import and use with just a few clicks. They are all well categorized so that you can easily find other website components.

When importing new items, you can open the study and choose more than 100 items. These are usually templates for predominant areas (pricing tables, logos, testimonials, banners, campaigns, name of the action, etc).

Other properties

Why is Flatsome stronger than other themes and what else can it do? Let’s take a look at its best.

• Simple design of payment pages.
• Live location search where guests can discover what they’re looking for as they type.
• Show merchandise at a glance on class pages.
• Is there a product for sale? Highlight it with a sales bubble.
• Add to cart also from class pages.
• Wish list support.
• Different structural ideas for class lists, adding masonry grids.
• Various filter options.
• Catalog for the exhibition of goods without price.
• Product images have a QuickZoom function.
• Various design ideas for product pages.

All in all, Flatsome Group really offers everything that a primarily WooCommerce-based internet store could possibly need.

Thematic support

Flatsome comes with great support. The documentation may not be as good as with some specialist providers, but you can always contact the staff with any questions (during the help period).

• There are tutorial videos on the Flatsome YouTube channel.
• There is a large series of articles in the Wisdom Database.
• If you don’t assume that some of us have online stores that use Flatsome, you can switch to Flatsome Samples to see specific use cases.
• Online help is accessible from ThemeForest.

Prices | Flatsome Review | Multi-Purpose Woocommerce Theme

The fee for a regular license is $ 59 for ThemeForest for a single site. If you want the theme for different stores or for different customers, you might be able to get an extended license which costs $ 2,950.

If you wish to extend the scholarship for 12 months, the additional fee is $ 17.63.

Final words!

This Flatsome theme review can help you choose the right theme for your WooCommerce store. Flatsome can allow you to easily create online stores with custom modules and theme recommendations. The integration of WooCommerce is also extremely easy. However, this topic may not be so interesting for beginners anymore, as there are a lot of recommendations that you can get used to at first.

A theme like Flatsome can make your trading activities easier and allow you to open a professional-looking store even if you are not an expert now. It’s worth trying!

Preview Theme: Flatsome Theme View

Free Download: Flatsome Theme

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86 / 100