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Bridge – Best Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Bridge – Best Multipurpose WordPress Theme review. So let’s talk bridge and the bridge theme and the demos that are available in the bridge theme. So the bridge is an amazing theme because it does have over 200 demos that you can import instantly and have a site looking like a demo pretty quickly.

So you know that is probably the most amazing thing about the bridge you and the other thing that is amazing about the demos is that they’re actually all really beautiful. So it’s not very often that you find a theme that has as many demos that you can import and ones that all look really nice.

So if you’re looking for a beautiful modern creative looking demo then you really can’t go past the bridge because you should be able to find one in the 200-plus styles that they have the other thing the bridges got is it’s obviously got all of the ability to build your website out the way that you want it.

Bridge – Best Multipurpose WordPress Theme

So it’s got the 200 odd demos and it’s got the usual things that we’re looking for in a theme that you can change the colours that you can add in WooCommerce or e-commerce it’s got detailed documentation forms sliders the visual composer is the way that you can build the internal pages through a drop and drag functionality each demo comes with all of the internal pages as well you can have different header layouts.


So you can have you know one in the middle or underneath the logo right-left there are all sorts of different menu options for you you’ve got all sorts of extras which pretty much everything should have if you’re looking at a good thing you want it to be able to be optimized for mobile you want it to be able to have a social media integration a and all sorts of pieces.

So it’s got all of that so when you’re choosing a demo with the bridge the thing that I recommend is that you look for a demo that is the absolute closest to what you want to end up with as an end result from the only downside to bridge is that it.

Is so flexible there are so many options that it can be confusing for a beginner. So I do find that a lot of people actually do sign on and enrol in my bridge course because they get sold by this amazing demo and then they import it and then they go what do I do now it’s a little bit complicated in the back end and you do kind of either need to know word wrestle or know what you’re doing with the theme to be able to edit it.

Bridge – Best Multipurpose WordPress Theme

If you are picking a theme and you are just replacing the copy and the images and not really doing anything else to it. It’s super easy to do and you can follow my lessons to do that.

So if you’re just replacing this image replacing the copy you want to keep everything else the same then the bridge is amazing. So you know this would be you know super easy to change and I have actually got some tutorials using this theme.

So long as you have amazing images and you know the same amount of copy that sort of thing so the problem that can happen is when you get into the back end.

I was going to change this to a video add some extra copy in here and then I was going to alternate this section and this section down for the rest of the website and not use the rest of it. So this is the site that we created from that demo I added a video for the background added an image kept the same amount of copy did a similar section here with some copy and then alternated down the site.

So this is how we ended up with this site

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