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Avada WordPress Theme Review

Avada WordPress Theme Review. We are doing this Avada theme review because it certainly needs no introduction today. It has already won the hearts of more than 780,014 sales worldwide. With its immense popularity in a short period of 3 years, this article became the best selling article of all time on In this review, we’re going to dive deeper to understand what it has to offer and why it’s become the best-selling WordPress theme of all time.

This patch has been updated multiple times when the topic is updated. It was last updated in February 2022, after themes 5.0, 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, v5.7, 5.8, 5.9, 6.2, 7.6 were released.

So what makes it an advantage over hundreds of theme providers and sellers around the world?

There are many reasons, we will discuss some of them in this Avada theme review. We have reviewed tons of themes on our site, and this will be no different: we will find all the pros and cons of this theme.

And then we share them with you, we reserve nothing!

But before trying to understand the reasons for the huge success and popularity of this amazing WordPress theme, let’s take a look at its history.

Avada WordPress Theme Review

What is Avada?
Avada is the best-selling WordPress theme on Themeforest. It is brilliantly crafted by its developers as a multi-purpose theme, packed with features, pre-made layouts, customization options, and even third-party plugin integrations. If you are looking for a flexible solution that can be adapted to create different types of complete and functional websites, then this is it.

It is a multipurpose WordPress theme that can be used to create almost any type of website. Avada can be used to create an online portfolio, e-commerce store, gallery site, or whatever you need. It comes with several demo sites and the Fusion page builder and costs $60.

It can even be used by experienced designers or developers as it offers plenty of configuration options with Fusion Core and Builder to make web design a matter of setting parameters, dragging and dropping components and configuring its wide range of options. .

The product is the result of a simple reflection of two independents: Mohammed Haris and Luke Beck. In 2011, the two decided to work together as partners on the design and development of WordPress themes on Themeforest.

With innovative and creative skills and constant efforts, the duo launched their first ThemeFusion project in March 2012 and finally started their biggest work in August 2012.

Within a year, it received an average buyer rating of 4.64/5 (based on 2,281 buyer reviews). Moreover, due to its growing popularity, ThemeFusion became the best-selling author in May 2013 (3,349 sales) and June 2013 (3,584 sales).

The ThemeFusion project now has a huge customer base of over 780,014 users. Additionally, ThemeFusion is a Power Elite Author, which means they have sold over $5 million worth of articles on Themeforest.

ALWAYS get a 4.8/5 star rating from over 23,000 reviews!

(We can’t quite keep up with these ever-increasing stats, so by the time you read this review, those numbers will likely have already been eclipsed.)

If you are a beginner and have just entered this industry, you are probably not very familiar with the subject of Avada. For those looking for a platform that can help them develop their website, here is a small sample.

Avada WordPress Theme and the ThemeFusion team set a high standard with rich possibilities and a host of features, flexibility, free updates and ease of use.

Of course, this also includes first-class support with your purchase.

It has a clean and fully responsive design. But it still offers a sophisticated set of tools to make your site stand out. Avada is very intuitive to use, right out of the box.

Avada is powerful, fully responsive, incredibly flexible and offers amazing options to customize an entire website easily and quickly.

Why is this WP template loved by over 780,014 customers?

The Avada theme easily takes the top spot with a staggering 780,014+ sales, which is double the closest competitor on Themeforest.

Take a look at the variety of great features it offers and make it extremely easy to develop a website in no time.


Let’s start with a little more in-depth look at some of the standout features of this theme. It is impossible to review all the features of the theme because this Avada review would become too heavy.

So we’re going to focus on the ones that stand out and that we think give the theme the edge.

1. Unlimited Designs

When it comes to using a template provider, especially one that will be used as their base template of choice, designers will require a range of themes that can be used to give each of their websites a different look every time.

With these user needs in mind, it offers endless beautiful design possibilities.

The template features a simplified yet effective options panel that allows users to create virtually any layout without the need for multiple themes. Now it’s possible to use a popular download while maintaining a unique design all your own.

2. Fully Responsive: Desktop, Tablet or Mobile

Smartphones and tablets account for a significant portion of online traffic these days. And Google penalizes a website if it is not suitable for smartphones. Even if you run digital ads like Facebook, you will find that a significant portion of your traffic comes from mobile phones.

This is why it is important for every web project to be responsive so that it looks good on smaller screens with the same range of functions or on larger screens.

ThemeFusion’s pet project also enables the development of mobile responsive websites. Plus, you can play around with the width of boxes and containers without ruining the attractive design.

The theme looks amazing on mobile devices and comes with lots of features that let you customize the experience specifically for different devices.

3. Fusion Builder: Avada’s page builder

As with most themes these days, the template includes its own page builder plugin: Fusion Builder.

One of the major releases, v7.5 was when Fusion Builder really started to shine and compare well to some of the other popular page builder plugins built from scratch.

The new, intuitive interface included things like the Fusion Builder library (a collection of pre-built, user-generated custom content so you can reuse your content), nested columns, change and version history, and many other changes. fun to use.

v7.6 saw a number of enhancements to the Fusion Builder API that made it much more developer-friendly, with a number of new hooks and filters that developers could use to build their own extensions around. of this plugin.

Of course, one of the time-saving features is that it comes with lots of pre-made templates and full site demos. These are literally entire websites and pages designed around specific niches that you can import into your website, helping you start the web design process in minutes.

The pre-made templates can be used as-is or can be customized using the drag and drop interface. You can also create your template from scratch to reuse it later on your website.

There are over 60 elements with over 200 custom options to use with Fusion Builder.

v7.6 brought another major update to Fusion Builder, the ability to perform a “Global Backup”. This is a feature that allows you to make small changes to a “template” which is then replicated anywhere on the site where that content was used.

For example, let’s say you created your custom call-to-action button that you used in various places on your site.

But a special offer is only valid for one month, so you will have to change all the places where the CTA was used. Instead of having to make multiple changes, you can simply update the CTA button template and the backup will propagate to EVERY place that template button has been used.

This is a REALLY useful feature and a huge time saver!

Fusion Page Builder plays an important role in website design in general as it is available not only for this but for all themes available in the market, so you can save and import your work with other themes as well.

v.7.6 has now added full right-click support in the builder, as we naturally expect from our desktop products. Because the builder is a tool that mimics our desktop apps, ThemeFusion wanted the experience to be the same, and the right-click feature in the builder is now an integral part of Avada.

Of course, the features available change depending on the context and where the user is designing at the time.

4. Fusion Core and Shortcodes

Fusion Core is designed specifically to work with Avada and is a plugin included with the download for this article.

With this plugin, you can design your web pages with all the features available from the Avada template. This plugin also includes a shortcode generator, merge slider and mega menu.

Most of these elements can be included in your Fusion Builder layouts and are also available for use with standard WordPress page and post builders. The Fusion Shortcodes feature allows users to select an item of their choice and add it to their content.

Additionally, it can be customized to determine how it looks and functions. Some examples of shortcode options are Customizable Alerts, Maps, Countdown, Videos, Recent Posts List, etc.

5. Dozens of theme options

One of the main reasons why this template is perfect for almost all types of WordPress websites is that users can modify almost every aspect of their website. Thanks, Avada Theme Options Panel!

With it, you can change the layout, adjust menu size, choose a header layout, choose a colour scheme, and more.

Users can also use the WordPress Customizer interface to configure some of these changes, giving you a preview of your changes as you make them. The idea here is to make it easy for non-coders to build their website with a set of visual customization tools and settings.

6. bbPress support and theme integration

bbPress is loved by so many users – it has made it easy to create an online forum for them. With this WP template, users get design integration and detailed support for bbPress to help you create any forum you want. Plus, you can make it look and feel whatever you want.

The bbPress plugin is free and packed with features.

Simply combine it with theme integration and create a very special online forum.

7. WooCommerce Support

One of the main reasons people create a website these days is to have their store online and available 24/7. And the most popular way to do this with WP is using WooCommerce.

So you can imagine that this template has great support and integration with WooCommerce.

Over the years, WooCommerce websites have grown tremendously in popularity.

With this ever-changing demand, ThemeFusion offers full support for the WooCommerce platform. Avada’s support for WooCommerce provides a decent tool for integrating landing pages, portfolios, blogs, or any other type of content that users want to add.

WooCommerce support starts with overall WooCommerce customizations and continues with shop pages, product pages and the products themselves, as well as the actual checkout process, in short, everything can be configured as you want.

In fact, the Advanced Options customization panel has several WooCommerce-specific customizations. WooCommerce has its own Fusion theme options panel. Any product available in your store can use these Fusion page options and of course, you can use Fusion Builder to drag and drop product page layouts.

In addition to all these product options, there are also different layouts available for store pages, starting with Clean or Classic theme styles. Product pages can also be customized to your liking.

With the features above, you can see how the template brings a lot of value when it comes to designing for WooCommerce and customizing the online shopping experience for your customers.

Avada Professional Demos

One of the main things we love about this theme is the beautifully designed demos. Unlike other providers, these are not just grouped together to make the theme look good.

Rather, they are demos designed to help YOU sell to your customers.

Essentially, by using Avada demos in your presentation, you can close more business simply because the end-user can see the end result and not just take your word for it.

This is one of the critical points when applying for a job: your client will show you which websites they like, but cannot guarantee what the results will be.

This is where Avada broadcasts come to the rescue.

Many professionally designed demos have been compiled for you to sell to various industries. So, if you contact a hotel, you can show them the result of using this template to design a hotel website.

You have access to a large number of ready-to-use demo websites that you can finally apply to your WordPress site with just a few clicks, as you will soon see.

So not only can you use these demos to get more business, but you or the prospective buyer of the theme can quickly import a complete demo site and use it as a base to build your site.

Once you have imported the demo data with just a few clicks, all you have to do is add or customize your specific content and change all the details to those of your business to complete a new beautiful and professional.

This is a real help both for developers to speed up their website development process and for anyone who is not a web designer by trade and has to do some manual work to build their site. website.

The import process goes smoothly; you can see it in the following video.

As of this writing, there are professional demos for the following niches, but more are being created and released (and/or updated) with each release:

Design Agency, Creativity
fashion blog
Lifestyle, travel website
Home Business
architecture office
Hotels and Hospitality
cafes and restaurants
Product landing page, app
Shopping, e-commerce
Personal/independent branding
Health and medicine, dentistry, etc.
Spa and beauty, salon, etc.
Sport, fitness and fitness.
school, academy or university
finance, law
skills, electrician, construction,
IT, technology and science

v7.6 brought the release of the updated demo importer. With this new tool, one can quickly and easily import a demo into their WordPress installation and then combine, mix and match parts of the demos to launch their website project.

After importing the demos, you would only have to adapt the content to that of your client or yours.

Watch the following video, you can see that you can create a custom website just for you with just a few clicks using the pre-made demos.

User experience: designer or not, get great results

What are you looking for in software? Easy to use of course!

This is one of those products that is easy to use even for a beginner. Although there are many options that make it very complex, users who have tried it have found it very easy to use.

Once you activate the Avada theme, it starts working for you.

It offers an easy-to-use set of tools that allow users to create landing pages, sliders, and customize their project to their needs. Additionally, users also have access to the Fusion page builder, which can be used to create completely new layouts with a unique design.

You also get the ability to add or import demo content.

All you have to do is choose a ThemeFusion demo and upload all your project content. You can add your content later.

Built-in premium plugins

One of the reasons this theme is so valuable (as you’ll see in the price below) is that Avada comes with several premium plugins included in the price.

If you were to purchase all of these premium add-ons separately, you will find that they will cost you MUCH more than just purchasing this individual product. Essentially, there is over $100 worth of these plugins alone.

A bargain, we think.

Here are the plugins, naturally included with your purchase, that is fully compatible and blend seamlessly with the actual end result:

ACF PRO (Advanced Custom Fields): This allows you to customize any plugin or theme to create customizations without touching any code
ConvertPlus: an advanced and flexible lead generation product
Fusion White Label Branding – Remove any reference to WordPress or other vendors so the end result looks like its OWN set of tools
Slider Revolution and Layer Slider – Two of the most popular slideshow plugins for WordPress
Merge Builder

This powerful template also comes with built-in styles and supports:

contact form 7,
Gravitational forms,
the calendar of events,
and many other integrations.

It is also fully compatible and tested with the most popular plugins, such as:

jet pack,
motor of revolution,
layer slider,
friends of the press,
retinawp 2x,
wp rocket,
all in one SEO,
state of the art gallery
Draft More
and many more.

Sensitive + Mobile Visibility System

This single platform allows users to control what is displayed on different screen sizes.

It works responsively on 3 screen sizes: small, medium and large.

Each size has a global theme option to set exactly where you want it to appear. These can be customized (if desired), along with a range of other page building options, as shown below:

Additionally, each Fusion Builder element has a set of buttons that allow you to choose the visibility of each element on any screen size. This allows users to create unique layouts for each screen size, providing greater design flexibility.

Avada Theme Builder

Theme v7.6 further developed this product with the introduction of Avada Theme Builder, along with the use of custom fonts, new elements in the builder.

The new Theme Builder tool allows designers to create an unlimited range of custom layouts for a website, both global (e.g. header and footer) and conditional (appear only under certain conditions) .

With Layouts, Layout Sections and Conditional Logic, it is possible to create an unlimited number of layouts.

you can create

Custom file layouts
404 Custom Layouts
Personalized search results
Custom Single Post Layouts
Custom Portfolio Designs

As well as custom headers using Header Builder and custom footer layouts using Footer Builder. Simply put, you can create your own theme as you wish. With powerful yet easy-to-use conditional logic, you can define layouts that only apply to specific categories, tags, authors, or even individual posts. Check out our docs to learn more about The Avada Theme Builder.

GDPR support and data protection

In May 2018, the GDPR was enforced in the European Union, causing a lot of activity in the online world.

ThemeFusion understands that this was a headache for many people, so version 5.6 introduced built-in GDPR and other privacy support mechanisms into the template.

In addition to customizing what is displayed on the banner, you can also fully customize the layout of the actual banner to match the website the banner will appear on. You can also explicitly allow the user to accept certain third-party tracking cookie codes.

Support and documentation

Dealing with such platforms is not easy for everyone and even an expert may have doubts. To help users in problematic situations and solve their problems, ThemeFusion offers customers full support. The team offers users real support from the people who created the article.

Moreover, ThemeFusion products are very well documented.

You’ll get full details on all Avada features with step-by-step instructions on how to use them. Documentation is also available for additional plugins that come with it.

Source: Theme Fusion

Other Important Features

Retina Ready – To make your website look amazingly crisp and clean on high-resolution displays, the template comes with Retina-ready features.

5 Header Layouts – Users can now choose from 5 different header layouts including text, icons, links, etc.

Translation Ready – Unlike any other website development platform, it includes translation files to translate into other languages.

Attractive Sliders – The template comes with premium sliders including Layer Slider, Fusion Slider, Revolution Slider and Elastic Slider.

Advanced options – In addition to a variety of advanced options, another very effective feature allows users to enable or disable certain features. If you navigate to the Tools tab in the advanced admin panel, you will see several options. Enable or disable individual features based on your needs. This can help you optimize your website by disabling scripts you no longer need. Moreover, the advanced options panel lets you customize any part of your website quickly and easily.

Unlimited Color Options – ThemeFusion has integrated a background colour picker to provide a range of colour options. Users can now edit everything, e.g. B. Gradients, etc.

Theme auto-update – The template also comes with a custom theme auto-update feature to let users no longer need to upload their files via FTP or WP. Now users just need to set up their Themeforest credentials and they will get an update notification whenever a new one is released. Updates are now just a click away!

Custom Widgets – Users can use out-of-the-box custom widgets, all of which are styled. Just drag and drop them into place!

Multiple Sidebars – Infinite Sidebars allow users to create custom sidebars for each page.

Touch – it’s also something innovative and amazing! The template features touch sliders so viewers on mobile devices can easily navigate the slides!

Easy Customization: Customizing a theme is no longer a problem. Its advanced page options (which can be reused on different pages), options and comprehensive documents also make it easy to customize Avada!

Vector Icon Fonts – The template comes with a fully integrated set of font icons that users can use with mega menus, shortcodes, navigation menus, social menus, and social widgets.

Full Font Awesome 5 support – As of version 5.5, the theme fully integrates Font Awesome 5, so you can use ALL icons from this library with your themes

Video support: Avado supports YouTube and Vimeo videos, so users can add them to any of their web pages or posts.

Google Maps: Navigation and geolocation have become important to businesses for a variety of reasons. Almost every website needs to embed Google Maps on its website. Avada comes with fully integrated Google Maps allowing users to select custom sizes from the contact page map!

Social Media – No business can increase traffic without incorporating social media buttons on their websites. If you want your users to stay in touch with you 24/7, add social media icons to your website. The template has built-in support for social sharing.

WCAG 2.0 Compatibility: Starting from version 5.1, the theme is fully compliant with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines so that the resulting website is accessible to all types of audiences.

Is Avada theme good for SEO?

Developing an SEO optimized website is a must for website owners.

However, even if you don’t know the latest SEO practices while developing a website, don’t worry because the template can do it for you. It’s built and designed with SEO best practices, so search engines can index your website content without causing negative ranking issues – it’s fully SEO optimized.

It surprises us as SEOs that this question is still being asked today. While on-page SEO is a huge factor in a website’s ranking, it’s almost impossible for a theme to break on-site SEO enough to make a difference in rankings.

In fact, for SEO, which is influenced by the template, it all depends on how fast the website loads. Web designers have to adapt to this. Care must be taken not to overload the theme to the point that the site and pages load slowly.

A disadvantage?

While too many features can encourage you to play with tons of ideas, it can also sometimes lead to huge page loads and memory leaks. For example, Avada offers a variety of background types, fonts, and other design elements to choose from.

However, there are a few caveats to keep in mind to avoid the pitfalls of having too many options. Fortunately, Avada has taken great care to ensure that the model’s performance remains top-notch with things like CSS caching and asynchronous loading of media queries.

Another downside of using it (which also applies to other feature-rich themes) is that it has such a wide range of settings, layouts, etc. may increase the learning curve of using the product. As a new user, you might feel a little overwhelmed when you first come across Avada and want to use it to build your website.

We suggest that a beginner does not start working on their live website right away. On the other hand, they have to set up a test environment and experience it and learn about all the features and functions.

Once they feel comfortable and confident using it, they start working on their living environment.

A final issue is that the page builder makes heavy use of shortcodes. This means that the page builder is tightly integrated with the actual page layouts. It will then be difficult for you to change the theme to another without rebuilding most of the site.

While that’s usually not a problem for most people, as a major overhaul will require a rebuild anyway, we wanted to point this out because WordPress themes are theoretically decoupled from content.

avada price

Avada price

Price fixing

One of the main concerns of users when using a platform is its availability and price.

The good news is that Avada also offers its users great ease in this regard.

Avada is available on the ThemeForest marketplace for just $60, with six months of ThemeFusion developer support included. Users who wish to extend this support period to 12 months can do so by paying an additional $18.

Do they want more? Get lifetime theme updates as add-ons with every purchase!

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89 / 100